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Rhythm Up

Rhythm Up is out! It's now live on iTunes and

This record was made for the love of fine guitars and vintage amps. It's a project made simply for the sake of art. See some of the videos and pics below to peak into the making of Rhythm Up.

Recording took place at a relatively fast and furious pace - to capture the creative flow as it happened. Basic tracks were cut with drummer Ray Levier at the amazing Clubhouse Studios in Rhinebeck - engineered by owner Paul Antonell. Overdubs were tracked at The Lab with engineer/Co-Producer Vincent Miraglia, using a fine selection of classic amps, mics and preamps we assembled just for the task. Damn, we had some of these amps cranked to where the rafters shook! Thats how you get that magic tube sound.

Several sessions also took place with drummer Shawn Pelton at SP's Beat Palace in good old New York City. Additional overdubs of guitars and bass tracks, from frettless master Joe Capozio and the late great T Bone Wolk took place at my studio, Holiday Farms - where I also mixed the project. We did a cool session for drums and percussion at the amazing-sounding Tabernacle in Mt. Tabor, NJ. Guest guitarists Hernan Romero and Sam Broussard cut tracks at each of thier home studios, as did string master David Henry in Nashville. Last but not least, Chris Athens mastered it at Sterling Sound. Honestly, I couldnt have done it without the help of great friends and guests!!

Special guests on Rhythm Up:
1. Social Engineering: Shawn Pelton: Drums, T Bone Wolk: Bass
2. See Your Breath: David Henry: Strings
3. Driven: Shawn Pelton: Drums
4. Stinkpot: Ray Levier: Drums, T Bone Wolk: Bass, Sam Broussard: Slide Guitar
5. Beware Of The Dog: Ray Levier: Drums, T Bone Wolk: Bass
6. Over The Horizon : Hernan Romero: Nylon Guitar
7. Palisades Parkway: Ray Levier: Drums, Brian Mackewich: Bass, David Henry: Strings
8. Thug: Ray Levier: Drums, Joe Capozio: Frettless Bass
9. Sun Lite: Me!
10. Bed Of Coals: Vincent Miraglia: Drums, Percussion and Cymbals, Lee Baronian: Percussion, David Hull: Percussion, Joe Capozio: Frettless Bass, David Henry: Strings


Song Name Preview CD Baby iTunes
Social Engineering   Rhythm%20Up
See Your Breath   Rhythm%20Up
Driven   Rhythm%20Up
Stinkpot   Rhythm%20Up
Beware Of The Dog   Rhythm%20Up
Over The Horizon   Rhythm%20Up
Palisades Parkway   Rhythm%20Up
Thug   Rhythm%20Up
Sun Lite   Rhythm%20Up
Bed Of Coals   Rhythm%20Up


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Web Video Exclusives:

Want to see how the magic was created? Check out these youTube videos with some behnd the scenes looks at the techniques that bring this great project to life.